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Because of the overwhelming success of videos on almost all aspects of online engagements, it’s not really surprising to see lots of businesses looking into the possibility of using video content as a component of their digital marketing strategy. Video content has really found a special place in the hearts of internet users – this can be seen with the increasing demand for video content at present.

According to a December 2019 report, 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. People appreciate videos not just because they are entertaining but because they require lesser effort to understand. Digital marketers on the other hand saw the effectiveness of videos because of their increased capability to engage with users and win their trust.

The use of videos as a marketing strategy can really do a lot for your business. It increases your click-through rate (CTR) and inspires people to like and share your content and perhaps post their opinion about it. As a business website operator, you should be able to see and appreciate the advantages of using video content in your digital marketing campaigns. This can help you to evolve or upgrade yourself in the digital marketing business. If you want to create marketing vidoes with less hassles, you may ask a professional, full service internet marketing company to do it for you.

Here are the most effective video marketing practices you should apply to your business in 2020:

Define Your Video Goals

goal conceptThis is always the first step in the creation of videos regardless of type. Before you start creating one, you must establish a specific goal for your content, and this could be:

  • To make people aware of a situation, event, or a problem and provide useful or interesting information about it
  • Offer useful insights relative to the situation or event, or offer possible solutions to a problem
  • Introduce your brand as a possible solution and highlight its benefits to the user

Identify Your Target Audience

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Once you are able to determine your goal for producing your video, your next task would be to figure out who you intend to show the video to. Understandably, the people you want to target with your marketing video are be the ones you want to buy your product.

In addition to identifying your audience, you also need to know where they usually hang out. This will give you a clear idea as to where to distribute your video to be able to reach your target market.

Figure Out a Story to Tell

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When creating a marketing video, you must figure out a story that can capture the interest and attention of your target audience. It must be one that can easily align with your brand. Whether you intend your video to make people laugh, feel happy or inspired, you should make the necessary preparations and set the appropriate tone right at the start. It will allow you to reflect the right emotion and take your viewer on a journey that aligns with your brand.

Set a Realistic Budget

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Budget is the ultimate determining factor for any project to be realized. A plan, no matter how great, will remain a plan until it is paired with a realistic budget. Video creation is not that really expensive, but you still need to spend on initial cost and the cost of production especially if you hire a professional internet marketing agency to produce the videos for you.

Focus on One Topic

Marketing videos and a few other types of video content are short by design and purpose. With that said, make use of your limited time to focus on only one subject matter. Keep your audience’s attention by presenting your content in a straightforward manner.

Be Genuine

Marketing videos are meant to convey useful information your viewers can learn from, but most audiences need real people to do these. Unlike movies, dance numbers or comical pieces, marketing videos are totally realistic. When you produce a marketing video, the best thing you can do is to just be yourself. People will trust you more when you don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

Keep Them Short

A majority of videos uploaded on YouTube and other social media platforms are limited in length. Depending on the platform your video is uploaded to, keep your videos within 30 seconds (Twitter) to two minutes (YouTube) in length to keep viewer attention. After all, it’s not the length of the video that counts but the substance it conveys to the viewer.

Tell Your Story

As a marketer, you need to connect to your audience and build a meaningful relationship with them. The most effective way to make this happen is to tell your story that led to the solution of a problem. Provide a meaningful message that can earn audience trust. Don’t “over promote” by pushing your brand in your viewer’s face.

Add a Call to Action

Towards the end of your video, add a call to action to let your audience know what to do next. You can ask them to Subscribe, Call Now, Order Now or any other action you can suggest as a response to your video.

Distribute Your Video

Make your video a bit more visible by distributing them effectively across relevant social media platforms. Before distributing them, make sure your posts are tailored to each social media platform they are uploaded to.

As a modern digital marketer, there’s an immediate need for you to join the video marketing bandwagon. Using videos in your marketing campaigns can certainly improve your visibility in the virtual market. It can help to boost traffic to your site and garner more sales for your business. Ignore it and you will be left behind by your competitors who use videos as a marketing tool. Don’t make things hard for your own business. Use video marketing today. Create effective marketing videos with professional help from Muzeum Marketing.

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