What Can a Podcast Do for Your Business?


Wouldn’t you agree that most everything important in life is based on relationships? In business that means protecting the long-term relationships, you have built with your current customers. That also means to cultivate and develop long-term relationships with potential new customers.



By providing content that is of high interest to both your current and potential customers on a regular basis from an easy to access FREE source.



22% of the population listen to Podcasts every single week – that’s basically 1 in 5 of your market potentially listen to Podcasts on a weekly basis.

A Podcast listener is primarily 18-44

52% male and 48% female

37% of Podcast Listeners make $100,000+ Annual Income

Source: PodcastInsights.com

What Can Muzeum Marketing Do for Your Podcast Needs?

Our Podcast experts lead you through every step to help create a relationship building Podcast to help you grow your business.

Coordinate the Initial philosophy and strategy meetings with your key decision makers to create “The Vision” of your Podcasts.

Provide the creative and technical expertise to make this Podcast process as “turn-key” for you and your staff as possible.

Help to identify, develop, coach, and train (only as necessary) a host for your Podcast.

Help develop one of your employees to easily schedule guests for your Podcast from across the USA or around the world.

Oversee the complete production of each individual Podcast from start to finish.

Provide the Post-Production skills to make your Podcast ready to go “live” with the most professional presentation possible.

Develop a marketing plan that uses heavy SEO, social media, and controlled emails to your present customer base.

Coordinate and handle the distribution of your Podcast to all the top Podcast Directories like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc.

Coordinate and handle the distribution of your Podcast to all your social media like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Should you decide to take your Podcast “in house” we can take care of purchasing and setting up the equipment needed.

If you currently do your Podcast “in house” we have a $25 support call available from 10am to 10pm Eastern time. (15 minutes max)

We have Podcast Investment Packages available from $150 per month to $750 per month depending on your needs.

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