As popular forms of printed sales literature, brochures for business and catalog ideas are all about getting and keeping your customers.

Giving your prospects a glimpse of your products, services, or events in creatively crafted materials gets you that all-important advantage. And customers take your brochures and catalogs home, they become marketing tools that work round-the-clock!

Muzeum Marketing offers custom-designed Brochures and Catalogs that convey important messages and information to your target audience and prospects. What makes our service different, you ask? We help you come up with attractive, head-turning designs that represent your business.

We guarantee business brochures and catalogs your customers wouldn’t ignore! We offer catalogs and brochures in standard and custom sizes. We also have paper options you can choose from, so that your material truly matches your purpose.

We can handle all your order volume requirements, and are capable of promptly completing them!

Bridge that gap between your company and your customers with with head-turning brochures for business!

With your aesthetic goals in mind, Muzeum Marketing will design and print a variety of brochure design types: No-fold, Tri-fold, Half-fold, Z-fold, Gate-fold, French-fold, Accordion-fold, and Double Parallel-fold.

  • Company Brochures that talk about your business are best Tri-fold, Gate-fold, and Double Gate-fold. These types are big enough to contain text and images.
  • Sales Brochures are primarily point-of-sale promotional or advertising tools that present your products and services. They are popularly the Z-fold, Double Parallel-fold, and Roll-fold types.
  • Spec Sheets, which explain your product or service, are heaven-sent to your sales team! No-fold or Half-fold Brochures make the best spec sheets.
  • Event Brochures contain information on your upcoming events. The No-fold and Z-fold types are ideal for this purpose.
  • Menus on No-Fold and Tri-fold brochures are perfect.
  • Brochure Mailers of Double Parallel-fold, French-fold, or Accordion-Fold types are best.

Do you have brochure ideas in mind? Let us know and we’ll address your need with a top-quality layout you can review. Our Brochures for Business design packages include descriptive material, color design, and printing—at very affordable rates!

When it comes to giving out comprehensive information featuring your products and services, catalogs do the job best.

Catalogs for business have long been serving promotional and marketing purposes featuring an itemized list of your products and services. Browsing through the pages, your readers should not only learn more about your products and services; more importantly, they must become genuinely interested and be converted into paying customers.

A custom catalog design for your business will give you that edge over your competition. Carefully conceptualized and designed, your catalog is your dependable sales tool.

Muzeum Marketing helps you accomplish that!

We offer custom catalog design services that exceeds your clients’ expectations! Because print designing and styling evolve, we utilize only the best concepts and the most current design ideas.

We will work with you to create a stunning catalog! We will provide you with a layout and choices of top-quality material—all these are included in our budget-friendly Catalogs for Business packages!

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