While they have some similarities, non-profit organizations operate in a much different manner compared to most business. They operate to get financial support from individuals and other organizations for the welfare of a specific group of people and to further their cause, while regular businesses focus on earning profits.

There are about 1.5 million registered non-profit organizations in the U.S. today, and they have a common goal – to raise funds for charitable purposes.

With the myriad of non-profit companies that operate today, some tech companies like Google have considered creating special tools and platforms to support their noble causes. One of the most popular tools that has attracted charitable organizations is Google Ad Grants.

What is Google Ad Grants™?

Google Ad Grants is a program designed by Google for eligible 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. The program, which aims to distribute free in-kind advertising, grants qualified nonprofits to receive up to $10,000 worth of in-kind advertising in Google’s AdWords marketing platform per month.

In order to qualify for the Ad Grant, a non-profit organization must conform to these requirements:

  • Must be a holder of a valid charitable status in their country
  • Must have an updated website that contains detailed information about their programs and activities to keep Google and their visitors informed of what they do
  • The organization must not be a government entity, hospital or educational institution

If you wish to apply or need more information regarding Google Ad Grants eligibility requirements, read this

Once you’ve ascertained that your organization is qualified for the Ad Grants program, you may apply. Google will review your application and activate your account if it sees that everything is in proper order. Take note that it takes a few weeks for an account to get approved.

Google Ad Grant Benefits to Non-Profit Organizations

Regular advertising on Google requires business organizations to pay thousands of dollars per month just so they can display their ads on Google’s leading search pages. But for qualified nonprofits, they can take advantage of a free $10,000 worth of in-kind advertising per month through Google Ad Grants. This allows them to use Google AdWords to connect to their audience and establish their online presence for free.

You should take note that you need to understand how Google Adwords works because Google won’t manage it on your behalf. You must learn to use its tools in order to create a working online strategy. Once you have mastered its tricks, your nonprofit can expect these benefits:

1. Increased Online Visibility

As a non-profit organization, you would want to expand your reach in order to make people aware of your cause and objectives. Google, being the most popular of all the search engines, can certainly help your organization gain greater visibility across the globe.

2. Opportunity to Take Advantage of Keyword Research Tools

Besides being free, your $10,000 monthly credit from Google Ad Grants allows you to advertise effectively by targeting keywords that are related to what you are trying to offer. You may also use Google’s keyword research tool to generate a mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords for your ad.

Keyword research can be quite complicated, but with the help of professionals like a marketing agency in Florida, choosing the right key terms can be a breeze.

3. Determination of Keywords via Keyword Type Matching

There are three types of keyword matching: exact match, phrase match and broad match. It is better to use all of them than sticking to one particular type. However, you should give preference to the broad match type because of its potential to drive more traffic.

4. Opportunity to Create Engaging Ad Copies and Review them Regularly

Google Ad grants gives you the opportunity to create engaging ad copies that can potentially drive more traffic to your website. The technique is to create two to three compelling ad copies for each ad group. Incorporate these into your ad copies to really catch the attention of your target audience:

  • Include one keyword phrase in your headline
  • State factors that makes your organization different
  • One call to action

5. Opportunity to Attract Donors

Attract potential benefactors or financial support for your cause by creating engaging ad copies that can convince people to visit your site. You may also mention your phone number in your ad to make it easier for potential donors to get in touch should they need additional information before making a donation.

6. Opportunity to Raise Conversion Rates

Google Ad Grants allows you to direct traffic to specific landing pages to increase your chances of converting visitors into benefactors or volunteers. Any internet marketing company can tell you that directing traffic to your homepage may only result in wasted clicks especially if it doesn’t contain what your visitors are looking for.

7. Opportunity to Direct Traffic to Your Site’s Popular Pages

Google Ad Grants allows you to strategize your traffic by directing visitors to the popular pages of your website. These are the pages that drive the most traffic. They also carry the highest potential to convince visitors to share insightful content on their social media accounts.

8. Opportunity to Create Awareness

Because of its capability to boost your online presence, Google Ad Grants can help to make people aware of your cause. This can create awareness and attract potential benefactors and supporters for your organization.

9. Opportunity to Sign Up for AdWords Express

Google Ad Grants gives existing grantees the opportunity to sign up for Adwords Express. It is a tool that allows members to advertise in a simplified format in order to save time. To make it work, you need to select an audience, set a daily budget, and write two to three lines to describe your non-profit organization. This is all you need to do – your AdWords Express System will take care of the rest of your marketing campaign.

10. Opportunity to Track Conversions via Google Analytics

Even if your ads have been published, you still have a lot of things to do with your campaign. When your ads go live, your next mission would be to track conversion to see if any of your ads are able to convince people who click on your ad to perform the action you desire from them. It is called Google Analytics. It is an app that can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your ads through its ability to provide data on the following aspects:

  • The most popular action taken by site visitors: volunteer, subscribe or donate
  • The keywords that drove lots of traffic to your site
  • The ads that got lots of clicks.

Google Ad Grants is a very helpful tool for non-profit organizations. It can help to promote awareness of your cause and call kind hearts for moral and financial support. It can help to convince people to act.

Google Ad Grants can be managed by anyone in the organization. But it will have a better chance to perform if you allow a professional internet marketing company to do it for you. Don’t leave your organization’s Ad Grants campaign to chance. Time is too precious to lose.

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